Barack Obama bukannya Khalifah – Anwar Ibrahim U.S. President Barack Obama was embraced with rapturous applause, standing ovations, and stunning poll numbers by Muslim communities worldwide last year when he gave his historic speech in Cairo. A year later, there has been a significant dip in his polls numbers both domestically and abroad.

How confident do Muslims feel about him and
America as a "true partner" in 2010 when compared to Bush's administration? What will Obama have to do to regain Muslim trust and achieve a true conciliation between America and Muslims around the world?

Anwar Ibrahim:
When he won I shared in the optimism expressed by many that his presidency would usher in a new chapter in relations between America and the Muslim world. I did not expect he alone to solve all the problems. After all he is not the Caliph. He is the President of the United States, and therefore bound by significant constraints. But he is certainly better than his predecessor and we appreciated his Cairo speech, which was a historic and bold statement of friendship between two civilizations.

His pronouncements -- such as closing Guantanamo, an end to settlement activity in the West Bank and pushing for a two state-solution, withdrawing from Iraq and searching for diplomatic solutions to dealing with Iran -- are the right statements. Unfortunately he has yet to deliver on major initiatives. At this point, few see much difference between his foreign policy and that of the Bush administration. I remain optimistic for now -- it is too soon to offer a final verdict.

I believe Muslims are willing to give whoever sits in the White House a chance. Muslims respect America as a democracy and want to see its policies as fair, just and consistent. For there to be a real watershed in the Obama administration's approach he will have to be seen to be acting fairly in resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict and show more compassion (when) it comes to dealing with Afghanistan, where thousands of innocent people are still being killed. Otherwise I fear the good will he has built will be forgotten. (Part 3)


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Anonymous said...

Kalau dulu, semua Presiden AS di dalam kocek Yahudi/Zionis.

Jom kita tengok Obama.
Bolehkah Obama menjadi di luar kocek Yahudi/Zionis?
Sama2 kita lihat...masa akan menjadikan hakim.

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