KEADILAN (PKR) strongly condemns the brutal and fatal attack by the Israeli Defence Forces against an international humanitarian aid flotilla of ships (Freedom Flotilla) on international waters which were bringing much needed medical supplies, food, building materials and other necessities into Gaza.

The killing of up to 15 people on board these ships and injuring many more is totally illegal, unjustified and disproportionate under international law. The ships were also carrying EU parliamentarians, a Nobel Prize Laureate, women, and hundreds of peace/humanitarian/human rights activists.

PKR calls for worldwide condemnation and action, and demands the Malaysian government to send a strong protest message by cancelling its contract with APCO.

-- Issued by Latheefa Koya, Information Chief of People's Justice Party

*** Israel is THE TERRORIST!!!! & AXIS OF EVIL!!!

Pergi jahanam dengan Israel laknat! (video)
Israel defending the indefensible
Gaza's real humanitarian crisis

Action alert: Call your governments, demonstrate support for Freedom Flotilla


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