Sudahlah kena tembak, memorandum pun tak mahu diterima!?

Norizan Bt Salleh, a victim who survived a brutal police shooting, will be presenting a Memorandum to the Home Minister as follows:

Venue: Parliament

Time: 11.30 am

Date: 1 April 2010 (Thursday)

This is her second attempt to present the memorandum to the Home Minister. She was turned away by Home Ministry officials on 25 February 2010 when she first attempted to present the memorandum at the premises of the Home Ministry.

Norizan will be accompanied by her lawyer N. Surendran tomorrow. For further information, please contact Latheefa Koya (012-384 2972) or Rozaini Mohd Rosli (019-267 6879).


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