Peristiwa tembakan di Glenmarie: Keluarga mangsa menolak inquest

9 Rejab 1432H - We refer to the announcement by Selangor CPO Deputy Comm. Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah that police have called for an inquest into the fatal police shooting of Mohd Shamil Hafiz (15), Hairul Nizam Tuah (20) and Mohd Hanafi Omar (22) on 13.11.2010 at Glenmarie.

On behalf of the families of the victims, we reject the call for an inquest into these killings. There is absolutely no necessity for an inquest as there is clear and incontrovertible evidence that the three young victims were deliberately shot to death by police.

Yesterday (9 June 2011), we revealed the post-mortem reports which totally contradicted the police version of event. The police had claimed that the victims had been shot dead when they rushed at police with machetes. This is inconsistent with the post-mortem finding of 45 degree angle bullet trajectory indicating the victims were taken into custody and were kneeling before being shot. Also inconsistent with the police version, two of the victims had bullet wounds at the side of the head. The post-mortem reports were signed by qualified forensic pathologists from Tengku Ampuan Rahimah General Hospital. These findings are enough at law to bring murder charges against all police personnel involved in the shooting.

We view the call for an inquest by the police as another delaying tactic intended to deflect public anger following yesterday’s revelation of the post-mortem findings. We are also surprised and shocked by the police claim that the investigation into the shooting is still not complete. Considering that seven months have passed since the shooting, this is clearly another excuse and attempt to delay taking any action the policemen involved.

We reiterate the demand of the families of the victims that all the police personnel involved in the shooting be charged under S.302 Penal code for premeditated murder. The Attorney General must ensure this is done without further delay.

The victims' families are entitled to swift justice and closure. We also call for charges to be brought under S. 203 Penal Code against all police officers, no matter how high-ranking, who gave false versions of this incident to the public.

--- This statement issued by N. Surendran (Vice President, KEADILAN), Nurul Izzah Anwar (Vice President, KEADILAN) and Fadia Nadwa Fikri (Lawyers for Liberty), 10 June 2011.

P/s: Malaysiakini reports that “The police will propose to the Attorney-General's Chambers that an inquest be held on the Glenmarie shooting incident, which resulted in the death of three youths under questionable circumstances.” (Photo by Malaysiakini)


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