PERANG ARMAGEDON - It’s fast-paced, action packed

Tiada daya dan kekuatan untuk menolak sesuatu kemudaratan dan mendatangkan sesuatu manfaat selain Allah..

The story sets in the future, where the End is near. The war between the Muslim and the Dajjal’s army. It’s not just human battle. There’re also cyborgs involved; humans with nanocip inserted in their brains, etc. 

I love reading this from the start. It starts with the introduction on the situation at that time and also the introduction of the main character, Fateh Sa’adi. 

It’s fast-paced, action packed and has lots of important passages too; like few phrases from the Quran and hadith. 

The alternating period was a bit confusing, but after few moments I’m able to catch up with the story. Some phrases, like the gadgets, all the computer tech stuff are also a bit confusing. (not really a fan)

There’s this chapter, monolog si mukmin, I’m not sure who the author is referring to, but I’m assumed it’s the main character, Fateh Sa’adi.

I applauded the author for able to create such story. This, for me, is huge, because not only he’s telling a story, he’s spreading his knowledge too..It’s not heavy for me, because I enjoyed the flow of the story.

Overall, this is a good start for this year. I can’t wait to start with his other two books.

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** Judul cadangan awal novel ini ialah Kombat Armagedon. Setelah berbincang, kemudian ditukar kepada PERANG ARMAGEDON.

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