N31/Nizar: PAS, you need to find your way back fast!

This is not a blaming game. Just open your heart and mind. Many things to ponder. Read on!

"5435 from 2333, an increase of 133% in majority votes. Yes, I hope PAS was humbled by that number, and this loss is worst than UMNO's loss in Permatang Pasir (4551 votes).

Honestly PAS, don't you feel sad? After spending over 50 years in Malaysia being attacked by UMNO/BN day-in-day-out as the extremist Islamic party; to being able to overcome that perception on March 2008; only to lose it all 19 months later in Bagan Pinang? You were supposed to be on your way to replace UMNO as the biggest party in Malaysia. Have you asked yourself, what has gone so wrong?

Attacking Isa Samad's past record as a MB was a very unintelligent move. Come on, for 22 years he was the MB, there must be so much that he had done right, compared to his wrongs, right? If his money politics scandal did not deter people from nominating him, what makes you think people will hate him for his past failed projects? Even for a very successful corporate leader, there must be some broken projects under his belt along the way.

You cannot underestimate the number of voters in Bagan Pinang that Isa Samad had helped directly and indirectly during his tenure as MB. Your actions of exposing Isa's failed projects as a MB would certainly piss them off and set off a chain reaction of disgust.

Mind you, 22 years was a very long tenure, even the baby that was born on Isa's 1st year as a MB has turned into a eligible voter in Bagan Pinang today! Most of the people grew up into eligible voters under Tan Sri Isa’s leadership.

Inisiatif PAS Untuk Semua bukan sekadar slogan
42% bukan Melayu sokong BN di Bagan Pinang



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