Saladin animated TV series to debut next Ramadan

About five years in the making, Saladin: The Animated Series is almost ready for broadcasting, said the executive general manager of Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, Mahmoud Bouneb.

“We are in the final stages now and will be ready to air the first season by Ramadan next year,” he said. “The first season will consist of 13 episodes and we have signed on for another 13 episodes after that.”

The series is a joint venture between the network which is based in Qatar and the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) which started production in 2004. Since then, a trailer and one episode have been shown.

“Delays are inevitable when working to create something this special,” said Mahmoud, who is a member of the MSC Malaysia International Advisory Panel.

“We are working hard to get it right and hopefully the series will be a catalyst for the Muslim world to create more content for television.”

He said that most of today’s broadcasting, particularly that for children, comes from the West and there is little in those that Asian children can identify with from their own upbringing.

“There is no need to rely on Hollywood for TV content anymore,” he said. “Also, we are encouraged by the Malaysian Government’s efforts to nurture the creativity of its people in broadcasting and animation.”

There is a plan to produce a movie on Saladin sometime in the future, said Mahmoud. “We are looking for a good script,” he said. “The movie should be about 90-100 minutes long and we hope to roll it out internationally.”

Saladin was a Kurdish Muslim who recaptured the city of Palestine from the Crusaders in 1187. He ruled over Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Hejaz, and Yemen.

MDeC is caretaker of the MSC Malaysia initiative aimed at building up the nation’s knowledge-based economy. (Source: The Star Online)

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