Nabi Muhammad dalam kitab agama Buddha

Dalam agama Buddha, perkataan Buddha bermaksud sage yang dapat diertikan sebagai ‘seorang yang amat bijaksana’ atau ‘dia yang mendapat petunjuk’. Kadangkala istilah ini digunakan dengan maksud nabi. Gautama Buddha, pengasas agama Buddha pernah menceritakan kedatangan seorang Antim Buddha pada akhir zaman. Antim bermaksud yang terakhir, lantas Antim Buddha bermaksud nabi yang terakhir.

Di saat kematian Gautama Buddha, beliau memberitahu perkara ini kepada pengikut setianya yang bernama Ananda, “O’ Nanda, I am not the first Buddha in this world, nor am I the last. In time, there will appear a Buddha in this world, who will give the teachings of truth and charity. His disposition will be pure and holy. His heart will be clean. He will possess knowledge and wisdom. He will be the leader and guide of all men. He will teach the truth, as I have taught the truth. He will give the world a way of life which will be pure and at the same time complete. O’ Nanda, his name will be MAITREYA. (Daripada Gospel of Buddha oleh Carus halaman 217)

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Anonymous said...

I'm not an expert of religion but let me ask you one question.

Gauthama Buddha teach non violence and non killing to humankind. Even animal killing for food is against in Buddhism. But with all due respect, Nabi's case was different. He led war and killing for food was ok with him. How do you reason out this?

Web Sutera said...

Dear buddy,

Kindly refer to an author's website & directly ask him about this. Here:

God bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Added text, excerpt from Dr. Danial's website:

Killing for God

I hear that argument quite often from radical secularists. It bears, to be sure, some truth. Yes, we humans have killed each other throughout history during holy wars of all sorts. But, alas, in modern times, as we stopped confronting each other for God, we quickly found other reasons to battle for. Irreligious ideologies such as nationalism, fascism and communism have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocents throughout the past two centuries. Actually the modern secular cruelty has reached such incredible heights that no major religion ever imagined. Hitler’s gas chambers and Pol Pot’s killing fields were unprecedented evils in human history.

Therefore it is obvious that men can kill each without appealing to God. Perhaps there is something in human nature to fight and, if necessary, to kill for whatever it deems valuable. That might be religion, but also ideology, tribe, nation, and, of course, simply wealth and power.

The other point that anti-religious evangelists fail to see is the contribution of the great faiths to humanity. The official rhetoric of radical Enlightenment tells about nothing but the “darkness” of the faith-driven middle ages - as its Turkish version keeps on bashing the Ottoman times - but the truth is much more complex. As historian Rodney Stark unveils in his tell-tale-titled book, “For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery,” the Judeo-Christian heritage has contributed to not just some nasty episodes but also many significant advances in the history of Western civilization.

The same is true for Islamdom, too: It was thanks to the message of Prophet Mohammed that tribal Arabs created a world empire under which arts and sciences flourished. Under Islam’s golden age, between the seventh and 12th centuries, the Middle East became the world’s center of sophistication, and created or preserved much of the classical knowledge that the West would later embrace. Islam also enlightened nomadic nations such as the Turks, who had little, if any, trace of science, philosophy, literature or architecture in their pre-Islamic times. The majesty of the Ottoman Empire would definitely not come into being had the Turks remained as pagan hordes.

One does not need to be a believer to see these great contributions of religions to mankind, or to appreciate the relief given by religious charities to millions of poor and needy people around the world. One just needs to objective. Yet that is just what the radical atheists lack. Take Richard Dawkins for example, the world’s most famous atheist evangelist who notoriously calls religion a “virus” and faith-based education “child abuse.” The title of his documentary aired on the UK’s Channel 4 summarizes how he sees religion: “Root of All Evil?” The question mark is apparently an editorial touch, and the content only reflects Dawkins’s zealotry.

Anonymous said...

Buddha's teachings are essentially how to lead a peaceful life with methods as to how to reduce suffering. He has never claimed of leading a religious movement and has never endorsed any other religious movements nor of any other personalities.

Please indicate which Sutta this comes from.

Buddhism Observer

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, pitty u, try to prove something worthless and untrue, in a desperate manner, as u all claim muhammad in Holy Bible, which is of zero chance...u claim muhammad in baghvat gita, depserate as well.. come on lar brader, get a life, plzzzz

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Thanks for comments. All of you have the right to say :-)

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