Polis ugut aku dan kita? Apakah jadahnya kini?

25 Syaaban 1432H - I refer to the press release by CID Deputy Director DCP Dato Acryl Sani stating that "criminal charges will be brought against persons who allegedly made false allegations of misconduct/brutality against police arising from the peaceful Bersih rally on 9.7.11."

We view this statement as a mischievous and uncalled for threat against the public. It is the task of the police force to fairly and impartially investigate all public complaints of police misconduct. The issuance of such threats are calculated to instill fear into the puiblic and prevent them from airing grievances against the police department.

No public service department maintained by tax-payers funds should conduct themselves in this manner or make such threats against the public. On the contrary, police should facilitate and encourage public complaints to ensure the integrity and proper functioning of the police force. The police force must never forget that their primary task is to serve and protect the public.

We also note with regret that the police have failed to correctly classify and investigate the exremely serious incident where police fired tear-gas canisters into the KL Sentral underpass on 9.7.11. The firing of about 8 to 12 canisters directly into the underpass which was full of peaceful marchers was a dangerous act capable of causing serious bodily injury or death. Even the instructions on the tear-gas canisters prohibit direct firing into crowds.

The bodyguard of Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim suffered serious injury due to impact by a canister and underwent surgery, whereas Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad received stitches. We call for the investigation into the KL Sentral underpass incident to be classified as attempted murder under s.307 Penal Code and investigated accordingly.

As a matter of law, any act that is so imminently dangerous that it must in all probability cause death may amount to attempted murder. This is so even if it is proven that the police personnel did not have a premeditated design to kill when firing the canisters.
We call upon the Inspector General of Police to withdraw all threats of criminal proceedings on complainants against the police, and to fairly and impartially investigate the KL SentraLinkl incident and other complaints of police misconduct arising from the Bersih peaceful rally.

--- By N. Surendran, Vice President, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KEADILAN), 26 July 2011.

Laporan dari Malaysiakini

Acryl berkata pihaknya juga sedang menyiasat kenyataan akhbar oleh seorang peguam yang mendakwa terdapat cubaan bunuh terhadap Anwar.

Dalam kenyataannya, Acryl turut berkata laporan polis lain yang sedang dalam siasatan polis adalah berkaitan Timbalan Presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu yang mendakwa beliau mengalami kecederaan kerana dirempuh kenderaan polis.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, polis tidak akan teragak-agak mencadangkan tindakan di bawah seksyen 182 Kanun Keseksaan sekiranya siasatan mendapati aduan tidak benar, dan dibuat dengan niat buruk.

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