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28 Jamadilakhir 1432H - We SAVE MALAYSIA has been invited by MITI to meet the IAEA independent panel this afternoon at 3.00 pm. We thank the MITI for the kind arrangement and we had prepared ourselves to meet them.

However owing to an incident that happened this morning immediately after a team of concerned citizens has submitted their referendum, a group of ‘people’ had had the opportunity to disrupt the press conference conducted in front of the hotel that was used as the venue by the IAEA team.

This group of intruders in the presence of police had hurled abusive language at the participants of this civil process but also attempted to manhandle them. The leader of the team was kicked from behind and one of them even managed to strangle the leader of the participant. If not for the quick action by the police beside him he could have suffered severe consequences.

Such uncivil behaviour in the presence of the police when allowed to happened has completely ignored the basic right of a citizen . Whether by design or default it has made a mockery of the whole process with which the IAEA panel was trying to achieve- to listen to the views of the stakeholder.

We are an NGO and we do wish to present our views on the Lynas issue. But to subject ourselves to such untenable situation of risks and safety, we have elected not to participate in the session today.

We hereby attached our referendum below as our way of presenting our views on the issue.

Thank you.

-- By Tan Bun Teet, Chairperson SAVE MALAYSIA.


All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web. He does to himself. (Chief Seattle 1854)

We could have told you.
That there is no safety level of low level radiation.
That there are 700,000 residents residing within a radius of 30KM of Lynas Advance Materials Plant.
That the local government is a signatory of Local Agenda 21.
That the value of properties in and around the 30km radius of LAMP are dropping.
That the storage cells at the backyard of LAMP are not what they should be.
That the gaseous waste will not be diluted fast enough to render it harmless when they emerge from the shacks.
That the full EIA, RIA reports were not prepared before they started to build LAMP.
That Lynas said they are waiting to see what the radon content will be once the process is started in Kuantan.
That COULD Malaysia be trusted to keep thorium in the country when we are now a proven nodal point for WMD transfer point.
That we could have told you but we didn’t.

We need only tell you that we want NO Lynas here...nor anywhere in Malaysia. FULL STOP.


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