"Walaupun terdapat stesen angkasa lepas dan sistem pemancar isyarat di Bumi seperti yang dibina oleh Amerika Syarikat dan Rusia, mereka masih tidak berhubung secara rasmi dengan kita? Ataukah ia sekadar ‘hijab’ daripada agenda sesuatu pihak dalam menunggu akhir zaman?"

Ever since the Greek philosophers Leucippus and Democritus postulated, in the fourth century BC, that all matter is composed of invisibly small and indivisible particles (“atoms”), human ingenuity has been seeking ways to confirm and elaborate that notion.

The development of the microscope by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and others in the seventeenth century of our era opened the door to the fine structure of matter, including living things, and carried investigators a step closer to finding its ultimate components.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century the English scientist John Dalton published a refined version of the primitive atomic theory of the Greeks, unifying and explaining certain basic facts in chemistry. Dalton believed that all matter is composed of atoms; that the atoms of any given element are identical to one another, but different (in weight) from the atoms of all other elements; and that atoms combine, in ratios that can be expressed in small whole numbers, to form molecules (compounds).

During the past 200 years, a huge accumulation of empirical data and world-changing advances in technology (including the development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction) have lent powerful support to Dalton’s theory.

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